How to Shoot Martial Arts?

When it comes to martial arts photography then the professionals have many opportunities during a tournament. They grab the opportunity and get some awesome images those are show how talented they are. In reality, grabbing such opportunities cannot be an easy task. For taking martial art pictures, the professionals need to put many efforts.

During such sessions, there are different types of challenges appearing. All these challenges are becoming a big reason for bad photographs. The biggest challenge is fast actions of the martial arts professionals.

Challenges for professionals

First problem related to the place. It does not matter you are going to shoot a tournament or a class. All activities performed in a specific hall or room. It creates some barriers when it comes to capture the moments. Another factor introduced in previous paragraph, fast actions. It is difficult to capture the quick moments perfectly and get better photography outcomes.

taking martial art pictures


For the best sessions and awesome outputs, the lighting is playing an important role. Without proper lighting, it becomes difficult to capture the image perfectly. These things are leading to lots of bad elements such as – poor image quality. This particular barrier is associated with first challenge. The challenge is indoor place.

Due to the indoor place it does not possible to get natural lighting. Without natural lighting, it becomes difficult to shoot martial arts and get well defining photographs. For dealing with such challenge, the professionals are required to take help from the best lighting equipment.


Another challenge related to the movement speed. Due to it, the professionals are not able to get perfect shots. Here, use of these types of lenses is becoming helpful in capturing all movements with ease. As a result, you can get the clean and perfect photographs during the tournaments. For such a task, a 50 mm prime lens can be a great option.

It is also becoming helpful in zooming and gets a close shot. When it comes to choose the best lens then the interested ones should take help from the experts’ advice. In the market, these types of lenses are provided by companies with lots of features.

You should pick the best one. When you are going get the best lens then do not forget to compare it with new arrivals and other existing ones. Comparison is providing lots of assistance in making the decision perfectly.

Ask for flash

Before starting session for capturing photograph martial arts, the professionals should clear things about the use of flash. In some tournaments, it does not allow to use flash. Sometimes, the flash is creating issues for the athletes by distracting them.

In case you get permission for using the flash then you should respect the athletes. Here, the photographer needs to position it carefully by which it may not strike directly into the eyes. All these things are becoming helpful in capturing quality images and avoiding many issues.